Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The legal agreements set out below govern your purchase of content from this website. To agree to these terms, click “agree”. If you do not agree to these terms, do not click “agree”, and do not use this website.

1. Introduction

Applicable provision. Thank you for using the SIRCLO website. The SIRCLO website is a service provided by SIRCLO (“SIRCLO” or “us”) which is located in Tangerang, Indonesia. Your use of the SIRCLO website and its features (including SIRCLO Commerce, SIRCLO Swift, SIRCLO StreamLab, SIRCLO Store and other solutions of SIRCLO), content or services (referred to as “Content”) made available through this website are subject to these Terms and Conditions (“T&C”). The SIRCLO website is a “Service” which is described in the T&C. If there is a conflict between the SIRCLO website T&C, and/or the Information Confidentiality Policy, the SIRCLO website Terms of Use will apply.

2. Use of SIRCLO Website

Access to and Use of Content. To use the SIRCLO Website you will need a Device that meets the system and compatibility requirements for the relevant Content, working Internet access and compatible software.

Age restrictions

In order to use the Content available on the SIRCLO website, you must have a valid account (“Account”), which is subject to the following age restrictions. If you are considered a minor in your country, you must have your parent or guardian’s permission to use the Content provided on the SIRCLO website and to accept these Terms. You must comply with any additional age restrictions that may apply to the use of Content or specific features on the SIRCLO website. Guardians and family members must meet these additional requirements as well. 

Third Party Fees

You will be responsible for any data access or fees incurred by third parties (such as your Internet provider or mobile operator) in connection with your use and display of the Content and SIRCLO website. 


The SIRCLO Website, related libraries or the Content may need updating, for example, for bug fixes, functionality improvement, missing plug-ins and updates for new versions (collectively, “Updates”). Such updates may be required in order for you to use the SIRCLO website or to access, download or use the Content. By agreeing to these Terms and by using the SIRCLO website, you agree to receive these Updates automatically.  

Personal Information

The SIRCLO website Privacy Policy explains how we treat your personal data and protect your privacy when using the SIRCLO website. SIRCLO may need to provide your personal information, such as your name and email address, to the Provider for the purposes of processing your transactions or providing Content to you. Providers agree to use this information in accordance with their privacy policies. 

Unauthorized Access to Accounts

You must keep your account details secure and must not share them with others. You may not collect or harvest any personal data from users of the SIRCLO website or other users of the SIRCLO website through the SIRCLO website, including account names. 

Changes to these Terms

If the changes to these Terms are applied, you will be given at least 30 days notice, and the new Terms will take effect after the notification period. If you continue to use SIRCLO Store after this notification period, it indicates that you accept the new Terms. The new terms will apply to your use of all Content (including Content that you have posted or purchased in the past) and any subsequent installations or purchases. If you do not agree with these changes, you will be given the opportunity to download the Content that you previously purchased or installed and stop using the SIRCLO website. You can continue to view a copy of the Content on your Device according to the latest version of the Terms that you accepted.

3. Purchasing & Payment

Cost of Content

The SIRCLO website allows you to view or use Content for free on SIRCLO Store. Additional restrictions may apply to your access to and use of certain free Content. 

Purchase of Content

When you purchase Content or use the SIRCLO website, you will get into a separate sales contract based on these Terms (as applicable) with the seller either from: 

PT. Lingkar Niaga Solusindo; or

PT. Koneksi Niaga Solusindo

A separate sales contract is an addition to these Terms. 

Your contract for the purchase and use of the Content will be completed after you receive an email from SIRCLO confirming the purchase of the Content, and the contract will take effect as soon as the purchase is complete. 

SIRCLO Website Payment

In order to purchase Content through the SIRCLO website, you must have a SIRCLO website payment account and agree to the Terms of Use of the SIRCLO website Payment, the SIRCLO website Privacy Policy applies whenever you purchase Content using the SIRCLO website Payment account. You are responsible for all amounts to be paid in connection with purchases made through the SIRCLO website from your SIRCLO website account.

Other Payment Processing Methods

SIRCLO may provide various payment processing methods in addition to the SIRCLO website Payment to facilitate the purchase of Content through the SIRCLO website. You must comply with the relevant terms and conditions or other legal agreements, either with SIRCLO or a third party, governing your use of a given payment processing method. SIRCLO may add or remove payment processing methods at its sole discretion. You are fully responsible for all amounts to be paid in connection with purchases you make on the SIRCLO website. 

Prices and the availability of all content shown on the SIRCLO website may change at any time prior to purchase. 


“Taxes” refer to any import duties, customs fees, levies or taxes (other than income tax) associated with the sale of Content, including any related penalties or interest. You are responsible for Taxes and must pay for Content without tax deduction. If SIRCLO is required to collect or pay Taxes, Taxes will be charged to you. You must comply with all applicable tax laws and regulations in the Republic of Indonesia, including the reporting and payment of any Taxes arising in connection with your use of the SIRCLO website or the purchase of Content on or through the SIRCLO website. Applicable tax reporting and payment is your responsibility.